Reminiscing about the Chicago O’Hare Antiques Fair

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Chicago-1994-showI was cleaning up some old papers when I came across a show announcement for the Chicago O’Hare Antiques Fair from April, 1994. The show was advertised as having 350 dealers, but that probably included some exaggeration. 250+ was more like it. The show took up all of one of the larger halls at the Rosemont Convention Center. Over the years, as it got smaller, the show was moved to one of the smaller halls, but finally there weren’t enough dealers, so the show failed a couple of years ago. Oh well! I really miss that show.

chicago-botanic-garden-4-2015Boy, have times changed. Today, not only does the show not exist, but most of the shows in the greater Chicago area are gone. There are only two left, the Antiques + Modernism Winnetka show in November and the Garden, Antique & Design Show in Glencoe next week. There isn’t a single show left in the city of Chicago, but I hope that will change. The Palm Beach Show Group still lists Chicago as one of their cities, with a projected date of Spring, 2016.

We'll have this great Amphora vase at the show

We’ll have this great Amphora vase at the show

If you don’t want either of the two remaining shows to fail, I suggest you support them by visiting next week’s Garden, Antique & Design Show at the Chicago Botanic Garden in beautiful Glencoe, IL, a north suburb of Chicago. The weather is projected to be in the 50s and 60s all next week, so the gardens should be in bloom. The show combines both antiques and garden, for a delightful mix that doesn’t exist at any other show I know of. We’re bringing a truly vast assortment of American and French glass and lamps plus important miscellaneous items. The buying has been good, so you’ll like what you see. The show opens to the public on Friday, April 17th at 10 AM and runs until Sunday, April 19th at 5 PM, with a preview party on Thursday night. I’m looking forward to seeing you!

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