Only in France! A July walk around Paris

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Part of the huge line at a Monoprix store for a Pokémon GO prize

Part of the huge line at a Monoprix store for a Pokémon GO prize

My wife and I came to Paris on business, but found more than a few amusing things while walking around — things we just don’t see in the USA.

First and foremost was the huge line of about 1,000 people that wound around the block to get into a Monoprix store (food and clothing, kind of like a Target or a small Walmart). The signs in the store window advertised a “10% sale”, so I knew that couldn’t be the reason. After a couple of inquiries, I found out — Pokémon GO. I couldn’t believe it. If you waited two to three hours on line, you would be given a Pokémon GO bag with a few goodies, including a charger wire, some sunscreen, etc. What??? Two to three hours on line for a few Pokémon goodies? Beyond my comprehension (but I’m no longer 25 years old).

A one-person sideways elevator

A one-person sideways elevator

This next one really tickles me. How about an elevator so narrow that you have to stand sideways? What US elevator regulations does this violate? I grinned the whole time I used it.

paris-100Clothing by the pound? Here it is. Doesn’t appear to be a sound business plan, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

If I find more in Paris or Amsterdam, you’ll see it here soon.

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