Only in Holland! A July walk around Amsterdam

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Our walk around Paris unearthed a few amusing items. Amsterdam was no exception. You’d have trouble finding these things in the USA.

amsterdam-12As you probably know, marijuana is legal in Amsterdam. The proof is everywhere in center city, with one head shop after another and the near constant smell of marijuana smoke. At one point I searched Google to find out if second-hand marijuana smoke can get you high. The Google answer was probably not.

amsterdam-13How about a shop specializing in British and American food? Who are their clients? Brits and Americans who want a taste of home or Dutch or other curious tourists?

An interesting take on art

Now that’s interesting

Pretty clever of DHL since the canals go most everywhere in Amsterdam

Pretty clever of DHL since the canals go most everywhere in Amsterdam

This is such a tiny fraction of the number of bicycles in Amsterdam

This is a tiny fraction of the hundreds of thousands of bicycles in Amsterdam

Thursday’s blog will showcase the new items we were able to purchase on our trip. Make sure you read the blog and look at my website. If you’re impatient or anxious to make a purchase, write to me directly.

baltimore-8-2016Our next show will be the eagerly anticipated Baltimore Summer Antiques Show, August 25-28, 2016. It’s the best show of the summer and maybe now the best of the year (with all the changes coming this winter in Miami). People fly in from all over the world to attend, including from as far away as Japan. If you haven’t yet visited, you should. It’s big, with some of the best national and international dealers. You’ll also enjoy Baltimore. Hope to see you there!

In the meantime, we’re very much in business, as witnessed by the 10 or more new vases I just listed (and more coming every day). Call or email me with your wants or items for sale. If you have what I’m looking for, I’m paying the highest prices. My decisions are quick and my payments just as quick. Just snap a photo and email it to me.

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