The results of the NYC Pier Antiques Show, November 13-14, 2010

The lines outside of the show at 9:45 AM on Saturday morning

Stella Show Management held their semi-annual NYC Pier Antiques Show this past weekend, November 13-14, 2010. Attendance was excellent on Saturday and very good on Sunday. The weather was probably a factor, as it was uncharacteristically mild for a mid-November weekend. The two-pronged line extended far out of the door 15 minutes before opening at 10 AM on Saturday.

My booth on Saturday afternoon

Personally, my show was good, with interest and sales in many categories, including Tiffany glass and desk pieces, French cameo glass, Vienna bronzes and Icart etchings. In asking around, I heard results from good to fair. No one was effusive and no one was glum. Most dealers were satisfied.

Sold Daum Nancy solifleur vase with wild orchids and spider webs

In my last blog, I tried to convey some of the atmosphere of the show. In talking to another show promoter during the show, she referred to the Pier Show as “raw”. It made me look at the show through a stranger’s eyes. What I saw is a show that is not polished, with more functional displays than elaborate ones. That’s part of what makes the show interesting — it’s a very “New York” happening. Can I say “funky” anymore or is that passé?

The hours are long, from 10 AM – 6 PM, both Saturday and Sunday. It makes a lot of sense on Saturday, when there are lots of people all day, but it makes NO sense on Sunday. The hours should be 12 – 5 PM, but I can understand longer hours. At the very least, the hours should be shortened one hour on Sunday, from 11 AM – 6 PM. I spoke personally to Irene Stella about the change, but she indicated to me that the dealers needed the extra hour to park in the street and pay their bills. Excuse me??? I need an extra hour’s sleep and rest and not help with parking or paying my bills. To those other dealers who read my blog, please let Irene know you agree with me. From 10 – 11 AM, I did not answer a single question from even one person, nor did I open a single cabinet. The show didn’t even start to fill up until about 11:30 AM. Irene, please change the hours. OK, enough of my bitching.

Stella Show Management continues to put together high quality full shows in a world where many shows are shrinking dramatically. Their publicity is good, so they maintain consistently strong attendance. I wish them continued success.

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