Big Tiffany & Co. surprise at Leslie Hindman’s Marketplace auction, August 19, 2015

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Tiffany & Co. enameled bowl, Hindman lot # 390

Tiffany & Co. enameled bowl, Hindman lot # 390

Leslie Hindman Auctioneers held a Marketplace auction on August 19 & 20, 2015. Included in the sale was a small, 3 3/8″ diameter, Tiffany & Co. enameled bowl, lot # 390, with a pre-sale estimate of $150 to $250.

Prior to the auction, I received the following email from Mike Intihar, Hindman’s Decorative Arts specialist. “Philip, I hope your summer is treating you well and I would imagine you are busy packing for the Baltimore show. I am writing because of a lot in our Marketplace Auction next week which I am not sure you would be interested in. It is a Tiffany & Co. enameled bowl, image attached. It came in with a small estate out of Evanston, Il., got overlooked and placed with a very low estimate of $150/250. I have not been able to find any good comparables for it but it is of a very good quality. As it is a Tiffany & Co. bowl, not Tiffany Studios or a piece of jewelry, I have been trying to figure out who would be interested in it. Let me know what you think, a link to our website page is below. Mike”.

I’m a Tiffany Studios expert, not a Tiffany & Co. expert, but I know quality when I see it, so I decided to bid up to $2,000. That’s a nice piece of change for a tiny bowl that I know very little about. Proves there’s still plenty to learn. The bowl sold for $52,500, including buyer’s premium. Goes to show you what I know. Obviously Mike didn’t have to worry. All it takes is two bidders to make an auction.

For the complete results of the sale, click here. To view just the listing for the Tiffany bowl, click on the first image above.


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