The Pier Show is coming! The Pier Show is coming!

The NYC Pier Show, Saturday-Sunday, March 12-13, 2011

I don’t have a horse to help me get the message out, but I do have the Internet. Now there’s a thought. Paul Revere would have tweeted about the British. My son tells me I have to get with it and start using Twitter, so soon I’ll figure it out and get with the program.

There were two lines for the opening of the November, 2011 Pier Show

In the meantime, at least I write a blog and can tell you that the NYC Pier Show is coming this weekend, Saturday-Sunday, March 12-13, 2011. The show is a big deal, even by NY standards. There’s nothing quite like it, with very diverse offerings that are difficult to find in today’s shows. This is the way shows used to be, with the antique show in the Madison Square Garden Exposition Rotunda, coming closest. That show was held once a year and the anticipation was amazing. There was always an enormous line that formed when the show began. The lines at this show are huge too.

So what’s so good about the show? First is the diversity. You can buy vintage clothing (there are quite a few exhibitors), famous autographs (there’s a new section), costume jewelry, furniture, every conceivable type of decoration from vintage to modern, art, art glass (think me), Tiffany lamps (think me, too). More decorators visit this show with their clients than many other shows. Next is quality, with superb offerings from many of the exhibitors. Last is quantity. It’s a big show, with many exhibitors, so you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

Monumental 19" Gallé vase with two dragonflies

I’m bringing many new items that are new to my inventory. I’ve bought very well since the last time I exhibited at the Pier Show in the fall. I’m bringing great new Daum and Gallé items, Tiffany glass from a private collection, a super Tiffany Studios green Linenfold counterbalance floor lamp and lots more.

Travelers come from all over the world to shop this show, so make the time to come and visit. You surely won’t regret it. And what’s more fun than playing in New York City for the weekend, with its great restaurants and shows? I can think of worse things to do.

If you like my blog, please let your friends know by sending them a link. Then check out my new Tiffany, Daum, Gallé, Webb and R. Lalique acquisitions. I just listed some important Tiffany vases, straight from a private home. Here’s the link.

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