The results of the NYC Pier Antiques Show, March 12-13, 2011

Noon, Sunday

The NYC Pier Antiques Show ended yesterday with mixed results. I heard complaints from several dealers and better news from several others. No dealer I spoke to was ebullient, but I did notice quite a few people walking out with purchases on Sunday afternoon.

You would think that New York City would be the best city for me to exhibit, but for whatever reason, it isn’t. Maybe there are too many shows here, or maybe there’s too much competition (but I don’t believe that one), or maybe the collectors are jaded because New York has so many shows and auction houses. Give me Chicago or Miami Beach. The reception is frequently better.

My booth

Saturday was not a day to write home about. Attendance was decent, but not at the level of some recent shows. The crowd didn’t seem enthusiastic, which probably explains why business was mediocre. Sales on Saturday were across the board, with no one area garnering extra attention. But one day does not make a show.

Sunday started very slowly at 10 AM. Why the show opens at 10 AM on Sunday is a mystery. By noon, attendance was only moderate. Noon – 6 PM would be best, but starting at 11 AM would serve everyone well. The dealers would get an extra hour’s rest and the public would still have plenty of time to shop. By 2 PM, attendance and interest had picked up considerably, but with all that interest, there was only one good sale of Daum glass — disappointing, considering all the interest. All in all, a less than stellar show, but still worth doing because it’s quick, local and reasonably priced.

The next edition of the show will be held in the same location on Saturday and Sunday, November 19-20, 2011. Mark it in your calendar and make your plans. The next time I’ll exhibit in New York City will be in the fall at the AVENUE Antiques at the Armory show, Park Ave. & 67th St., September 22-25, 2011. It’s a fancy, expensive show that I hope will attract different attendees than for the Pier Show. It’s a gamble, but one that I hope will work out.

If you like my blog, please let your friends know by sending them a link. Then check out my new Tiffany, Daum, Gallé, Webb and R. Lalique acquisitions. I just listed some important Tiffany vases, straight from a private home. Here’s the link.

One thought on “The results of the NYC Pier Antiques Show, March 12-13, 2011

  1. Great to read such honesty in your fine blog. We all struggle with decisions on how to grow our businesses. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts just announced the demise of their great show which we did from day one–now how do we reach clients created over 20 years of work? Websites and catalogues are great, but seeing your clients in person once or twice a year is the best way to work with them. Keep up the great work and the great information on fine glass as well as honesty about our business world. If you get a chance, check out my blog at our website, (click upper right on home page).

    Looking forward to your appraisal of the “Daum” vase going out to you tomorrow.

    David Lindquist

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