Results of the Chicago Merchandise Mart Fall Antiques Show, October 1-4, 2010

My booth on Sunday afternoon

The Chicago Merchandise Mart Fall Antiques Show finished yesterday. Most of the dealers I spoke to were pleased with their results, but for the most part, they were below the results of a year ago. Attendance was good at the show, but selling was not quite as strong as before. No one I spoke to was ebullient, most were satisfied, and one dealer was quite unhappy.

A fantastic Daum Nancy ewer with poppies

Personally, I was pleased with my show, but my results were also below a year ago. Interest was best in Tiffany lamps and frames, Daum Nancy glass, and Icart etchings. I am always thankful to my loyal clients who buy from me repeatedly, and very gratified for the new clients I made at the show. This was a good show, not a lucky one, as I sold items to more than a few clients.

A rare Tiffany Linenfold floor lamp with hoof feet

The Merchandise Mart shows are amongst my favorites of the year. Setup and packup are always pleasant and efficient. All of the staff at the Mart, from the porters to the office, bend over backwards to be helpful. Downtown Chicago is great. Now if I can only convince them to get rid of the preview party, I’ll really be happy. Four hours of torture for me that always puts me in a bad mood.

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