J. Levine Auction & Appraisal LLC sold some very nice Daum Nancy glass, July 23, 2017

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J. Levine Auction & Appraisal LLC, Phoenix, AZ held an online-only auction yesterday that included three fine Daum Nancy vases. I tried to buy all three but was unsuccessful.

Daum Nancy Weeping Willow vase, J. Levine lot # 2691

The first was a rare, fantastic, 9¼” scenic vase with weeping willow trees. It was especially fine because the artist who painted it was B.S., Daum’s best artist. Click here to read my blog about this artist. It sold as lot #2691, with a very low estimate in the hundreds. Bidders knew this wasn’t a $1,000 vase and pushed it to $9,750, including buyer’s premium. I really, really wanted to buy this vase, but the price was just too high for a dealer, so I was the underbidder. Congratulations to the buyer.

Daum scenic vase, J. Levine lot #2688

Lot #2688 was a very nice, but smaller (5¾”), scenic vase with excellent color and detail. It also carried a low estimate, but sold for $3,100 — a good price for a collector but a bit too much for a dealer.

Daum Winter scenic vase, J. Levine lot #2690

The last of the three Daum vases was a nice Winter scenic vase, 7½” tall. It sold for $3,500, which is in the wholesale range, but too much for me because I have a better example of this vase in the same size and shape. I would have bought a second example if the price were lower.

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