The results of the Denver World Wide Antique Show, July 14-16, 2017

My goal is to publish new posts twice a week — Mondays and Thursdays. However, readership slows down in the summer, so I will only publish on Mondays until the weather gets cold and readership picks up.

Occasionally someone would come into our booth

Saturday 11:00 AM It’s Saturday morning as I begin to write this blog. Unfortunately I have the time to write and to add new items to my website. The show has been painfully slow up to this point. We made one small sale to a dealer pre-show and one even smaller sale to the public yesterday. I did make a nice trade on some erotic bronzes that will work out well. If the show continues like this, we’ll lose money, but I still have hopes it will get better.

Saturday 4:45 PM Tough crowd here in Denver. There have been very few questions and no real interest to speak of. Funny because I’m doing great business on the Internet. I’ve sold some very fine items from my website in the last couple of days. If I could sell enough on the Internet I would exhibit at very few shows, but that’s easier said than done.

Some of our Gallé glass collection

Since nothing is happening at the show, I’ve had the time to work on my website. I’ve already added 11 new items and I’ll be adding more this week. They’re some of the best items I’ve ever had, so I suggest you click on the following link and take a look. Philip Chasen’s new items.

Sunday 4:00 PM The show is over and the result was poor. We did make a couple of sales in the last half hour of the show, but at best we broke even and at worst we lost a little money. Haven’t made up my mind if we’re coming back next summer. I’ve been told the October and April shows in Denver are better, so maybe we’ll give one of them a try.

Our next show will be the eagerly anticipated Baltimore Summer Antiques Show, August 24-27, 2017. It’s the best show of the summer and possibly the best of the year. People fly in from all over the world to attend, including Europe and Japan. If you haven’t yet visited, you should. It’s big, with some of the best national and international dealers. You’ll also enjoy Baltimore. Hope to see you there!

Click Philip Chasen Antiques to check my website for the latest items and to look around. I will update it as often as time permits. We’re still very much in business between shows, so please don’t hesitate to email or call. I always strive to offer the finest objects for sale on my website and at every show. There are many items for sale, sold items with prices and free lessons about glass and lamps. And remember to keep reading my blog.

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