Setting up at the Antiques + Modernism Winnetka show

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Our booth is taking shape

Our booth is taking shape

The Antiques + Modernism Winnetka show will open tonight with a preview party (whoopdee doo!). I’ve never been a fan of preview parties, but some are better than others, especially if the food and drink are good. I recall they’re pretty good in Winnetka.

Another exhibitor is putting the final touches on his booth

Another exhibitor is putting the final touches on his booth

We moved our booth (again!). Our new location is called an end cap (open on three sides), in a very good location. Last year we were in the gymnasium, that many people never found. Our new booth is a little small and cramped, but still nice.


I hope many of our greater Chicago clients come and visit us at the show, especially since the Arlington Racetrack show is no more. We’ll see how the show goes and report about it in my Monday blog. The show looks great, with a nice variety of high-quality exhibitors. I’ve brought some really fine items that I’ve recently purchased, so I encourage you to come and visit!

Next week we’re off to Overland Park, KS to exhibit at the Overland Park Antique Show in the International Trade Center. The show will be open to the public from Friday, October 25th – Sunday, October 27th. It will be our first time there and hopefully it will go well. If it does, we’ll exhibit there again next summer, on the way to the Denver show, the following week.

Wonderful 12" Daum rain scenic vase, just in

Wonderful 12″ Daum rain scenic vase, just in

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