Let’s examine a reproduction Gallé marquetry vase

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Reproduction Gallé marquetry vase

In my duties as a consultant to various auction houses, I was asked to authenticate a “Gallé” marquetry vase. Following are some photos of it and an authentic Gallé marquetry vase.

The marquetry technique involved applying molten glass to a vase and then pressing the applications into the vase. After the vase cooled, the applied glass was detailed by wheel-carving, except for some Gallé study vases marked Étude. The marquetry technique also refers to wood, where a veneer was cut into shapes and glued to the surface to create a design. Marquetry decoration in both glass and wood is neither raised nor depressed, but flat. The term inlaid is appropriate.

Gallé marquetry table

The reproduction vase signature

Let’s examine some of the details of the reproduction vase (first photo above). Observe the primary colors. Authentic Gallé colors are more refined and subtle. Then notice the acid-etched leaves on the vase. Authentic marquetry vases do not have any acid-etched design. The fancy Oriental signature (above) is just a trick to throw a potential buyer off the track. After all, how can a reproduction vase have such an impressive signature? Then examine the photo below of the real McCoy. Notice the beautiful colors and the fine detail from wheel-carving. To the trained eye, the differences are huge. This lesson should help the untrained eye.

Authentic Gallé marquetry vase

The contemporary glass market is alive and well, which is where the maker of this vase should have used his/her talent.

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