Tesla is taking pre-orders for solar tile roofs

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A Tesla solar roof

I know this subject has nothing to do with antiques, but it’s so cool, I decided to write about it. Tesla is taking pre-orders for solar tile roofs. Click here to find out all about it. You have to scroll down. It includes a calculator for the approximate cost and savings. All you have to do is put in your address and answer two simple questions about your home. It’s not cheap, but it’s the future.

Now why don’t they put them on the roofs of their cars? Then the cars would recharge just by sitting in the parking lot on a sunny day.

The revived Chicago Antiques + Art + Design Show at the Chicago Merchandise Mart opens to the public next Friday, May 19th. I was quite sad when the original show folded a few years ago, as it was always one of my favorite shows. The new edition will have a new promoter, Dolphin Promotions, headed by Rosemary Krieger. There hasn’t been an antique show in downtown Chicago for several years, so I’m hoping this one will be met with a lot of enthusiasm. The show runs from May 19-21, 2017, with a preview party the night of the 18th.

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3 thoughts on “Tesla is taking pre-orders for solar tile roofs

  1. Hi Phil,

    I love your informative blog but now you are entering the twilight zone. Tesla is one of the great bubble stocks of all time. None of the math works and overall their products are of mediocre quality and poor reliability. Here in my California neighborhood these cars ubiquitous. I have driven and used the car extensively and quite frankly it pales in comparison to a similarly priced ICE car. The so called supercharging stations are a scam because they will never be able to service the volume of cars during peak weekend travel because it takes 45 minutes to charge. Already all around California people are finding 1-2 hour waits to recharge at peak times. The new model 3 will ensure that long range travel is impractical. EV represent a tiny fraction of car sales and only exist because government is providing large tax breaks. Don’t get me wrong. The car is of decent quality and fun to drive. It works well around town but is far overpriced and completely unreliable.

  2. I disagree. My Tesla is completely reliable. Supercharging will probably be a problem when the model 3 comes out. It’s up to Tesla to build more supercharger stations.

  3. Phil your personal car might be reliable but that is not how reliability is measured. Overall this is a settles issue and the Tesla is among the most unreliable cars currently manufactured. Take a look at the consumer report study. The car is so unreliable that it will become next to worthless once the warranty expires. As for the SC here you are also incorrect. It’s really a simple mathematical equation. One only has to do a simple calculation about the number of cars on the road on any given weekend and the total number of SC stations. Once you factor in the charging time and the number of charging stations it exposes Musk’s deception. SC is a scam that will never work. Yes the car will be fine around town as an overpriced car but long distance travel at peak times will prove impractical. I love your blog but on this issue you have it wrong.

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