The results of the Morristown Armory Antiques Show, November 1-2, 2014

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Sunday afternoon in front of my booth

Sunday afternoon in front of my booth

The Morristown Armory Antiques Show finished yesterday, November 2nd, after a brief two-day run. I had vowed after the last Morristown show not to return, but Allison Kohler, the show promoter, convinced me otherwise. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to convince me the next time.

This Quezal shade was sold at the show

This Quezal shade was sold at the show

Attendance was moderate for a small show, but there weren’t enough strong buyers. My inventory was light-years beyond the other dealers, so we needed the well-heeled attendees to step up to the plate to make it worthwhile. I made a few small sales, so it’s possible we broke even, but I have better things to do than break even after all the time, energy and money invested. It’s a shame. Allison Kohler is a good promoter and I like to do her shows, but business is business. If I can’t do enough business to earn a buck, I can’t come back. So as of now, I’ve sworn off the whole state of New Jersey and would only return for some extraordinary circumstance.

winnetka-11-2014We’ll be in Winnetka this week, a suburb of Chicago, for the Antiques + Modernism Winnetka show. That will be followed by the Kansas City Antiques Expo, and then our final show of 2014, back at the Pier in NYC for the usual November show. Remember to check my website for the latest items and keep reading my blog.

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One thought on “The results of the Morristown Armory Antiques Show, November 1-2, 2014

  1. Dear Mr. Chasen – your online show reviews are really enjoyed and appreciated. As a web designer I know how much work goes into the project. Always great to see good rare pieces such as the amazing Quezal shade you sold – the big one with the ruffled edge with hooked design and high iridesence in purples on that translucent green glass. I had a large collection of shades which I sold in the late 70’s. Tiffany cypriote shades, pink steuben, black and gold rows of zig zigs, – I wish I had them all back now!! BUT I never got those special Quezals on the green glass.

    Thanks so much for your reviews – J. Kuzich

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