The results of the Denver Antiques Show, July 25-27, 2014

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Saturday morning looking down the aisle from my booth

Saturday morning looking down the aisle from my booth

It’s Saturday afternoon at the Denver Antiques Show as I begin to write Monday’s post. The show opened to the public yesterday, Friday, July 25th, and will finish tomorrow, Sunday, July 27th, at 5 PM. It’s been slow to this point, with fairly light attendance, but we only need the right people to show up.

One of several Tiffany Favrile vases sold at the show

One of several Tiffany Favrile vases sold at the show

It’s been interesting to this point. I made a major sale to one of the exhibitors during the setup of the show, so I already sold enough to cover expenses and make the trip worthwhile. Business with the public has been quite slow since the show opened, with only two sales, which don’t come close to adding up to the pre-show sale. So is this a good show? Hard question to answer. Just looking at the numbers, it’s been good, but if I don’t sell much to the public, what does that mean? There’s still plenty of show left, so we’ll see what happens.

Sunday afternoon in my booth

Sunday afternoon in my booth

UPDATE: SUNDAY, 5PM. The show is over. It’s been quite slow, with only three sales to the public. The third sale, which was quite decent, took place on Saturday, a short while after writing the first part of this blog. Nothing doing on Sunday, although several dealers I spoke to had their best day on Sunday. It wasn’t my turn.

We’ll be back next summer. The show was good enough if I include the sale to another dealer. Attendance was light throughout the show, with only fair interest and sales — far from a barn-burner, but still worth doing.

In asking around, I received the following, almost all positive, comments from other dealers. “I had a very good show, but not out of this world”, from a Midwest glass dealer. “Good, not great”, from a Midwest glass and watch dealer. “It was my best of the three shows I’ve done in Denver”, from a California dealer in glass and ceramics. An Iowa dealer in general merchandise told me “I did well”. “Fabulous” from a Minnesota dealer in dishes. A Midwest pottery dealer also said “Fabulous” and finally an Oklahoma dealer in silver and glass told me “I did OK”.

kansas-city-7-2014This week we’ll be at the KCI Expo Center at the airport Holiday Inn for the Kansas City Antiques Expo. It will open to the public this Friday, August 1st, at 10 AM. The show will only be open for two days, closing on Saturday, August 2nd, at 6 PM, and not open on Sunday — very unusual, so please make a note of it. Come and visit if you’re in the area and see a strong selection of fine exhibitors with high-quality displays that cover the range from silver, to paintings, to art, to bronze, to furniture, and finally to glass and lamps (me!).

This fine Handel 18" diameter Black Bird lamp is a recent purchase

This fine Handel 18″ diameter Black Bird lamp is a recent purchase

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