Americans don’t appreciate sophisticated French Cameo Glass

Daum padded and wheel-carved vase

Daum padded and wheel-carved vase

Padding and wheel-carving are difficult glass techniques that add a level of sophistication and rarity to any French cameo glass vase. Sometimes the vases do not appear quite as colorful as some other vases with simpler techniques. Over the last several years, these sophisticated vases have become more difficult to sell to Americans. Americans want pretty, not sophisticated. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with pretty, but advanced techniques make for important pieces and should not be lightly dismissed. The most skilled glass craftsmen are needed to execute difficult techniques that require more time with hot glass for the padding and cold glass for the carving.

Important Daum vase with padded and wheel-carved pine cones

Important Daum vase with padded and wheel-carved pine cones

My advice to Americans is to take a closer look at padded and wheel-carved pieces. Learn about the workmanship involved in their production and thereby gain a better appreciation for them. The prices of these important vases are down, so it’s an especially good time to add them to your collections.

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One thought on “Americans don’t appreciate sophisticated French Cameo Glass

  1. I have to disagree with you that Americans don’t appreciate fine quality French Art Glass. I have been collecting Galle, Daum. Argy Rouseau, Burgun Schverer for many years and have noticed a distinct increased interest in this glass, which has been reflected in increased prices for pieces. This has been especially true in Daum and Argy Rousseau. B&S pieces are still a relative bargain considering their rarity and beauty but here too good pieces are expensive and hard to find. Galle marquetry is becoming popular as well with knowledgable collectors and prices are increasing. One problem with industrial French Art Glass especially Galle is Fakery. I’ve seen many good quality reproductions of Galle and Daum. These concern me more than the poor quality fakes because they can fool the novice (and not so novice) collector. Ebay is full of these fakes, some selling for rather high dollars, Perhaps you can write an article on recent fakes. As always, the best advice I can offer the new collector is to gain knowledge and to know your dealer

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