Now is the time to buy Louis Icart etchings at historically low prices

I studied economics in college, so I understand the basics of the laws of supply and demand. The price of an item is inversely proportional to the supply, i.e., the price rises when the supply goes down and falls when the supply goes up. Also the price of an item is directly proportional to the demand, i.e., the price rises when the demand goes up and falls when the demand goes down.

Louis Icart etching 'Two Beauties'

Louis Icart etching 'Two Beauties'

The market in the works of Louis Icart follows these laws. Historically, the high-water mark for the Icart market was in the late 1980s, when the Japanese were buying heavily. The demand was so strong that prices for even the lowliest of Icart etchings was $4,000 and for the best and rarest as much as $55,000, e.g. Two Beauties.

Louis Icart etching 'Laziness'

Louis Icart etching 'Laziness'

The low-water mark for Icart etchings seems to be now. For whatever reason, there are few new collectors looking to acquire Icart etchings and existing collectors are not adding many to their collections. So, logically, the prices need to drop to increase demand. To that extent, I am going to drastically reduce the prices of authentic Icart etchings to levels not seen in 40 years. The new prices will start at $850 for the very same etchings that were selling for $4,000. Each and every one will come with a certificate of authenticity. I am changing from retailer to wholesaler for Icart etchings. Please check my website for the latest listings and prices. Click this link. Louis Icart Sale. Don’t take long to make up your mind, because at these prices, they’ll be gone fast. Most are available for immediate shipping, so if you still need a last-minute gift, there’s still time!

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Please send me your suggestions or questions about art glass, lamps, Louis Icart, shows, auctions, etc. If it’s interesting, I’ll answer your question in a future blog entry.

Call or write and let me know what you would like to buy, sell, or trade. or 516-922-2090. And please visit my website.

9 thoughts on “Now is the time to buy Louis Icart etchings at historically low prices

  1. hi,, you might be able to help me,, I have an original louis icart etching,, if I send a photo of it could you give me an est.on what it might be worth,,,because I am interested in selling,,,thanks,,,

  2. Hi…..I have a Louis I Cart. It’s a large etching called “Two Beautes” it is signed Larry I Cart, the American way he signed his name it us framed in a burlap trimmed frame excellent condition. I love this picture. I read here that it is one of his rare works. Anyway to know, what it could be valued at?


  3. Two Beauties is a rare, valuable etching. If it’s a print, it’s not worth much. My fee for appraisals is $125.

  4. What is the original Icart called Speed (Lady with greyhounds) valued at? It is not in its original frame, but beautifully reframed.

  5. I have the following framed Louis Icart Engravings on paper.
    ‘MANON’ ‘MASKS’ and ‘TEA’. Can you please give me an estimate as to their individual values. Thank you for your kind assistance.

  6. Don, my fee for appraisals is $125 for the first object and $75 for each additional. Let me know if you wish to continue. Best. Philip

  7. Could not access list of Original Icarts at link provided above.

    Please let me know the best way to review the pieces available in the sale.

    Thank You

  8. If someone cuts the signature off of a Louis Icart etching, is it worth anything anymore? I did this to make it fit in an oval frame. I did this knowing what it was but wanted it in the frame. Marcelle Harwell

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