The importance of flowers in French Cameo Glass, especially Daum Nancy

Unusual shaped Daum Nancy bowl with violets

Rare and unusual shaped Daum Nancy bowl with violets

When I first started collecting and selling French cameo glass over 30 years ago, there were red flowers and blue flowers and yellow flowers. Then one day a Japanese client asked me the name of the flower on the vase I was offering. What a strange question! Nobody had ever asked me that question before. Now suddenly I had to become a botanist and know my flowers. Well it’s a good thing I did because the market has changed dramatically since then.

Fine Daum Nancy ewer with poppies

Fine Daum Nancy ewer with poppies

Japanese buyers changed the nature of the French cameo glass market. They were very particular about which flowers they wanted and which they didn’t. Violets were their favorite, with roses and poppies tied for second. Then in 1990, Japanese buyers suddenly dropped out of the market because of a crash in the value of their real estate. As a result, one might think that Japanese buyers have little impact on today’s market, but their influence remains strong. The flowers favored by Japanese buyers earlier are the ones that are still favored today. As an example, Daum vases with violets can sometimes command double the prices of similar vases with different flowers.

Vases by Daum Nancy with wheel-carved tobacco flowers

Daum Nancy vase with wheel-carved tobacco flowers

Vases by Daum Nancy with tobacco flowers are more sophisticated than other similar vases because the flowers on these vases are almost always wheel-carved. The problem is that the flowers are not enameled, so the color is too similar to the background. Most buyers don’t find them as attractive as some other flowers. This is one of those instances where even though the technique and quality are excellent, the vases are difficult to sell.

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2 thoughts on “The importance of flowers in French Cameo Glass, especially Daum Nancy

  1. Hi Philip – I bought a Muller vase from you last year – love it to bits! I spend more time than I should looking at glass on the net. It’s frustrating on ebay, trying to work out what might be genuine amongst all the so called “Galle” style glass. The chinese stuff is easy to pick, but I understand there is cameo glass from Romania and like places in europe that is pretty good. Do you think they will have any value in the future? I have already been caught, I paid much too much for a pate de verre Daum frog on lilly leaf – was advertised on Ebay as being from 1920’s. Turns out they finished making them in 2004. He’s lovely, but as you say, Knowledge is power! Love your Blog. Joan

  2. I have a daum nancy vase that I’m trying to value. Would you be able to be of any assistance? I have picture I could send. Below is the description:

    A signed Daum Nancy with the Cross of Lorraine – a
    double cross, clearly visible. It is 14″ tall, rim is 1 3/4″ and base 3″
    in diameter. It appears to be the Cameo & Etched style, black at the
    base and golden and orange flowers in the middle part, with the rim of
    orange. There is one small discoloration at the base, but in excellent
    condition otherwise.

    Thanks in advance.

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