I recently bought and sold a wonderful original oil painting by Louis Icart

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The translation of the caption is Still life with grapes, pears and a bouquet of dahlias by Louis Icart

    • I recently bought and sold a beautiful, large (39″ x 51″), original Louis Icart oil painting, with impressive provenance. Louis Icart had given the painting to his wife as a gift. He inscribed it on the back of the canvas

Au Fanny. L.I. Au jardin des Hesperides

    • (To Fanny. L.I. In the garden of Hesperides), a reference to Greek mythology.

The owner had had personal interactions with Fanny when he was young.

I remembered Fanny from my young age, she passed away when I was 8. I used to meet Fanny each week-end, when visiting my grandmother. They used to be very good friends.

She was doing nice paintings, and loved to make fakes, I remembered a Picasso in the living room to turn to not be a real one when my grand mother passed away.

She was such a graceful lady, with a big sense of humour and a great painter.

It’s rare to find subject matter like this and even rarer to find any provenance. Most of Icart’s oil paintings include a young lady or two lounging about. If I couldn’t agree on a price with the buyer, I would gladly have hung it in my house. It was a privilege to own it for a short while.

Unfortunately I’m not at liberty to discuss the price as I sold it to a dealer, who in turn sold it to a collector.

Do you have any original oil paintings by Louis Icart? I’m interested in knowing about them and perhaps purchasing them. Please email me.

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One thought on “I recently bought and sold a wonderful original oil painting by Louis Icart

  1. Hi Philip,
    I’m wondering is it “normal” for an original to have a single number on the bottom left? Mine has the number nine (9). Not 9 of 100 or 500, just nine! It makes me suspicious and doubt whether it’s worth getting an appraisal.
    Also, I cannot find it anywhere on the internet, again, making me suspicious enough to think- nope!
    It’s an oval pic of a dark haired girl with red lipstick holding a colourless parasol and large bag. Very pretty.
    Thanks a mill

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