Emile Gallé’s grave was spruced up after having been neglected

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The family grave of Louis Majorelle

The family grave of Louis Majorelle

On my visit to Nancy, France in May of 2015, my colleague, Xavier Eury, took me to visit a cemetery filled with surprises. Inside were the graves of Emile Gallé and family, the Majorelle family, the Daum family and a whole host of very famous French designers and craftsmen of the late 19th century and early 20th century. Needless to say, I was shocked. I’ve been selling their works for decades and had no clue they were all buried in the same cemetery.

The grave of Emile Gallé, his wife, and his son in May, 2015

The grave of Emile Gallé, his wife, and his son in May, 2015

Emile Gallé’s grave was a big disappointment, as it was totally neglected. Disgraceful that the grave of the one of the most important glass makers of the Art Nouveau period was a mess! Everyone oohed and aahed over his glass but totally neglected his final resting place. How very sad.

I decided to take things into my own hands. After all, Gallé had taken care of me, so it was my turn to return the favor and show some respect. I emailed Xavier and suggested we split the cost of upgrading and maintaining the plantings at his grave. Xavier agreed and then took care of it himself.

Emile Gallé's grave todayThe result is lovely. Here’s the updated photo from August, 2016. I think you’ll agree it’s a very nice improvement.

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