Identifying the newest Tiffany Favrile reproductions

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Several years ago I bought a Tiffany Favrile vase that bothered me somewhat. The vase looked contemporary, but the signature was perfect, so I thought my instincts were wrong. I showed it to another dealer who thought the vase was modern, but I still didn’t listen. After all, I’m an expert on Tiffany signatures and this was perfect.

Reproduction Tiffany Favrile vase

Reproduction Tiffany Favrile vase

Fast forward to today. I now know for a fact the vase was a reproduction. Apparently someone is signing new vases with picture-perfect signatures. It’s like looking at a forged copy of your own signature that’s so good, you’re not sure if you didn’t sign it yourself.

tiffany-reproduction-2Let’s take a good look at the example above. To those who are knowledgeable, the vase is an obvious reproduction. Everything about it is wrong, including the decoration and color, but especially the iridescence. Then look at the signature. It’s perfect, and includes the notation “A. Coll.”, meaning it was in the personal collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Poor Louis is so unhappy, he’s turning in his grave.

What’s the lesson here? You cannot tell an authentic vase, of any kind, from the signature alone. The shape, the decoration, the workmanship, the wear, the age AND the signature all have to say the same thing — I am authentic.

Denver, July 15-17, 2016

Denver, July 15-17, 2016

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  1. Collect glass not signatures

    The L on that FAVRILE signature is zig zaggy screaming modern tool


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