James D. Julia Inc. sells its Advertising, Toy & Doll Division to Morphy Auctions

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Jim Julia

Jim Julia

James D. Julia, Inc. and Morphy Auctions simultaneously announced the sale of the Advertising, Toy & Doll Division from James D. Julia, Inc. to Morphy Auctions. Morphy has been growing his successful toy business, while Julia has been growing his successful firearms division.

I called Jim Julia to get more information than was available from the press announcements. He told me that at one time, Julia’s was king of the hill in the advertising, toy and doll world. Even at that time, profits were difficult to come by. Subsequently, the division didn’t turn a profit every year. Conversely, Julia’s firearms division was generating strong profits, with guns blazing. 🙂 “Adding two days per year to gun division sales will make profit equal to several years of toy division’s profits.” Morphy’s offer to buy the toy division was an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Dan Morphy

Dan Morphy

Morphy’s, headquartered in Denver (Lancaster County), Pennsylvania, will immediately acquire all of Julia’s division’s operations and absorb them into its own existing Toy, Doll and Antique Advertising departments. “Morphy’s is excited to welcome Julia’s past consignors and clients to our company,” said Dan Morphy.

Looks like a “win-win”.

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