Setting up at the Baltimore Summer Antiques Fair, August 19-20, 2014

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We can drive right up to our booths in Baltimore

We can drive right up to our booths in Baltimore

The Baltimore Summer Antiques Fair will be open today, Thursday, August 21, as you read my blog. We’ve spent the last couple of days setting up the show. It was hard work, but worth the effort — the booth looks great. It’s filled with lots of new goodies that we’ve been buying both from private homes and other dealers. During setup, all the dealers shop from each other, including me. I was able to buy some lovely items.

The show is fabulous. Just like in the winter for Miami Beach, dealers save their best items to bring to this show. It’s worth the effort because many of the attendees travel great distances to attend. Only motivated people are willing to do that, so the crowd includes serious buyers. People travel to this show from all over the world, not just the USA. They come to see the dealers who exhibit at very few shows and the vast assortment of great merchandise.

What other city offers this? Jimmy John's is next door to the Convention Center

What other city offers this? Jimmy John’s is next door to the Convention Center

You’ll not only enjoy the fabulous show, but also Baltimore. It’s changed greatly since we started exhibiting there over 30 years ago, all for the better. Entire neighborhoods have been transformed, which include really great restaurants. If you’re a foodie, like I am, you’ll love the choice. Then take advantage of the Inner Harbor and its activities, including a world-class aquarium.

See you at the show! We’re in the extreme right-hand corner as you enter the show, in booth #2100. Come and say hello!! The show runs until this Sunday, August 24th, at 6 PM. Then tune in on Monday for the results of the show.

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