French cameo glass reproductions are still a problem

Recently I’ve had more time to write about the interesting things happening in the antiques world. When there’s no one in my booth at a show, I keep busy by writing blog posts. So for the next few weeks, I will publish new posts twice a week — Mondays and Thursdays. However, if you don’t see a new post on Thursday, it’s because I was too busy, so please look for a new one the following Monday.

French cameo glass reproductions have been around since the 1980s, when the Romanians started making them. In my continuing effort to help people avoid making purchasing mistakes, I try to educate the public. If you haven’t read my lessons on French cameo glass, I suggest you start by clicking the following link. Free French cameo glass lessons. Then read my several blog posts about reproductions. (Use the search bar on the right.) Then come and visit me at one of my shows. I’ll be happy to answer your questions in person.

If you are trying to determine the authenticity of a vase, first compare it to the photos below. If yours is very similar, you probably have a reproduction. Then compare it to the many photos of authentic vases on my website that I have for sale or have sold. If you still can’t tell or want to be 100% sure, my fee for appraisals is $125 for the first item and $75 for each additional item. All I need is one or two emailed photos and your credit card information. (Please don’t send credit card information in an email.)

Vase with spurious Daum Nancy signature

Apparently all the free help I provide is insufficient, as half of the items I appraise turn out to be reproductions. Most of them are instantly identifiable to the trained eye, but that takes years of work. So to help more people, here are photos of some of the reproductions I’ve appraised in the last few years.

Galle reproduction #1

Galle reproduction #2

Galle reproduction #3

Galle reproduction #4

Galle reproduction #5

Galle reproduction #6

This Galle vase is authentic. Can you tell the difference? It has superb color.

In the meantime, check the listings on my website, which I will update as often as I can. I’ll be photographing all my new Gallé and Daum purchases and listing them on my website. Recently I listed quite a few Tiffany, Handel and Pairpoint lamps and some very rare Louis Icart etchings including Melody Hour and Mardi Gras. There are also several fine Daum vases; a Daum lamp; several Galle vases; and several more Tiffany Favrile vases. Coming soon will be several wonderful European ceramic items by Clement Massier, Zsolnay and Amphora. Here’s the link.

One thought on “French cameo glass reproductions are still a problem

  1. Hi. I have an antique dresser box with the same bird pattern as the first picture you show on your French Cameo Reproductions page. It is not signed. Can you help me get more information on it? Judy 208-215-0395

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