The Original Miami Beach Antique Show is open until Monday, February 7, 2011

One of two identical lines to enter the show yesterday

The Original Miami Beach Antique Show opened yesterday, February 3, 2011, and will remain open until Monday, February 7. Buyers from all over the world descended on the show, with good reason — the enormous show has many high quality exhibitors, some of whom saved their best items for the show. Name another place where you have the opportunity to choose from approximately $1 billion worth of high quality antiques and jewelry. There are other large shows, like Roundtop, TX, or Brimfield, MA, but they lack the overall quality and consistency. And let’s not forget the show is in Miami, in a modern air-conditioned exhibition facility. I can think of worse places to be in the middle of winter.

Opening day, 2 PM

Attendance was good yesterday, building slowly. The show is so large, it takes quite a few people to make it look busy. Anecdotally, business seemed to be quite good. Overheard at one of the packers “What is the value of your shipment?” Answer “$100,000”. Another booth I visited with furniture and paintings had sold stickers on over 50% of the items. Another dealer had sold a fantastic and very expensive Tiffany Studios inkwell.

A fantastic Daum Nancy mushroom vase, one of the many new items I have at the show

I suspect that many buyers were unable to get to Miami with all of the disruptions caused by the massive storm. Hopefully they’ll make their way here in the next day or two. There’s lots of show left until Monday afternoon, when I’m confident there will be many smiles.

My booth, #4012, in Hall D

I moved to Hall D, booth 4012, in order to get a corner. Please come and visit me in my new location.

Not sure yet whether I’ll post results on Monday, or wait until Tuesday, when the show will officially be over. Right now, I’m leaning towards posting on Tuesday.

If you like my blog, please let your friends know by sending them a link. Then check out my new Tiffany, Daum, Gallé, Webb and R. Lalique acquisitions. I’ve recently listed many of them on my website, including Daum swans, rain, a Gallé monumental red vase — more each day, including a Tiffany Favrile millifiori vase. Here’s the link.

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