Setting up at the Winnetka Antiques + Modernism Show, October 20, 2010

Truly fantastic Ernst Wahliss Amphora ceramic with three witches on a broom

Previously the Winnetka Antiques Show and the Winnetka Modernism Show were each held once a year. The two shows have now been combined and the new combined show will be held once a year in October. This is my first time at the show. The building is not your typical exhibition space, as found at most convention centers. It has many rooms, so attendees have to search in each of the rooms, lobby and upstairs to find all the exhibitors. Our space is different from any other show as the room was divided in an unusual way to accommodate three exhibitors. It was tricky, but we made it work.

My booth on the first day of setup

I’m bringing some items to this show that have never been exhibited before, including an unbelievable Ernst Wahliss sculpture of three witches on a broom. I’ve owned lots of Austrian ceramics before but have never seen anything as great as this. Also for the first time, I’ll have a super Tiffany Favrile blue miniature vase with millifiori decoration and a fine Van Briggle 1907 blue vase. I also brought another 25-30 items that I recently purchased, including a Satsuma bowl with underwater seashells and flora on the underside and a really great cloisonnĂ© vase with a dragon.

One of the high-quality booths at the show

The show is very diverse with top-notch exhibitors. There’s furniture, art, jewelry, glass, ceramics and most anything you can think of. The overall quality is higher than most shows, so it’s definitely worth a visit.

I’ll do my best to post the results on Monday morning, but no guarantees.

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