Repeating designs in French cameo glass by Daum Nancy and Gallé

When the Daum and Galle factories chose designs that sold well, they repeated them on different shapes. It permits an interesting way to collect — buying multiple items with the same design, but different shapes. Mixing shapes with the same decoration can make for a beautiful display. Odd numbers of items are usually easier to arrange.

Daum lamp with violets decoration

Daum repeated many decorations, including scenes depicting every season of the year. Many different flowers were also used. Vases and lamps with violets are highly collectible and have been since Japanese buyers singled them out in the late 1980s.

Daum 4-inch pillow vase with blackbird decoration

Blackbird decoration is another one that Daum repeated. It is one of the rarest and most desirable decorations. It’s available in a variety of shapes, from lamps to miniatures.

A fine Daum blackbird miniature 'broken egg'

Prairie vases by Daum show a field with many tiny wildflowers, each hand-enameled. The flowers appear raised and create a gorgeous decoration. Prairie vases are especially rare and command premium prices starting at approximately $10,000.


Galle also repeated many decorations, including a variety of flowers, as well as scenes. Dragonfly and water lily decoration was especially popular and frequently depicted. This decoration is prized by collectors.

Two lovely examples depicting Galle's dragonfly and water lily decoration

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3 thoughts on “Repeating designs in French cameo glass by Daum Nancy and Gallé

  1. I have 3 cameo glass lamps, one is green with a galle signature, the other two on the shade have a signatuure that looks like yally but
    not sure.

    Can i send you photos?
    thank You

  2. I have 1 French Cameo Glass vase by Daum Nancy titled “Blackbirds in Fields.” Looks like it is signed on the side of the vase but not sure. It is 12 in. tall. I inherited it and I am really not interested in glassware even as beautiful as this vase is. Would you be interested in this item or steer me in the right direction? I can send you pictures. I have afew of these vases and I need to start some where. I appreciate any information you could can give me..Thankyou

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