Some treasures I’ve owned, part I, French Cameo Glass

I received two similar requests. Matt Long wrote. “Just a thought, what about writing about some of the most amazing pieces you have seen or dealt with over the years on your blog? The pieces that pop into your head. As much info about them as you have would be interesting to me and others I would think, as they would be great eye candy! And informative too.” And almost the same request from Joe Mollica. “Over the years I am sure you have seen some spectacular objects. Would you share some of the stories surrounding the objects and what made them significant?”

Thanks, Matt and Joe. Here are a couple of my favorite French cameo objects that I’ve handled over the years.

Burgun & Schverer vase

Burgun & Schverer vase

Burgun & Schverer is famous for their fantastic internally decorated vases. The work is technically complicated and the workmanship superb. This example has it all with extraordinary color that I haven’t seen in any other example. Every time I look at the photo, I go wow!

Rare and unusual Daum Nancy footed bowl

Rare and unusual Daum Nancy footed bowl

I’ve bought and sold countless numbers of Daum Nancy objects, but this is one of the most unusual and beautiful. The technique is acid-etching, followed by hand-painting with enamel and gilding, and finally firing. This technique is what most collectors are looking for. What makes this object so unusual is the great shape. Daum produced lots of bowls, but most of them were square with rounded corners and pinched sides. Until I bought this bowl, I’d never seen this shape before — a bowl raised on three curved legs that look like furniture. How cool is that? The decoration is the very desirable violets flower, with exceptional color and detail. The combination of the wonderful shape, subject matter, color and workmanship make this a superb Daum Nancy rarity.

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3 thoughts on “Some treasures I’ve owned, part I, French Cameo Glass

  1. Phil, that Burgun & Schverer vase is ridiculous! I will definitely start looking for thier vases on top of all the others we look for! Thanks for writing on my suggestion. Looking forward to the next installment!

  2. Phil, I want to buy a neat piece of B&S from you, a Blue Girdle vase or a blue fat vase. Any way was good to see you and visit in Miami.
    Best regards, Elliott Hall

  3. Elliott, I’ll do my best to fine a vase for you, but blue B&S is very rare.

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