Celebrity encounters in the antiques business, part VIII

Barbara Streisand

Barbara Streisand

In approximately 1987, I had a shop on the street level of the Manhattan Arts & Antiques Center on Second Ave. in New York City. It was small, but nicely appointed, with a window to the street. Barbara Streisand came into the shop one day and expressed interest in several of the lamps that I had for sale. She requested that I take photos and mail them to her, with descriptions and prices. If you’ll remember, back then it was much more difficult to do that than it is today. No digital images nor computers nor email nor Internet. I’ve always taken pride in my photographs, so I took the time to make them good. First to the 60-minute photo shop, then again to modify them to make them better. Then I composed the letter, went to FedEx and shipped off the packet. So what happened? Absolutely nothing. No answer, no nothing.

My reaction? No comment. And you were hoping this would be a better story? Sorry, except to quote the character Sgt. Joe Friday from Dragnet. “All we want are the facts, ma’am.”

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One thought on “Celebrity encounters in the antiques business, part VIII

  1. Phil,
    Over the years I am sure you have seen some spectacular objects. Would you share some of the stories surrounding the objects and what made them significant.


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