An important difference among Tiffany lamps is the glass

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Tiffany Studios made many lamps of the same design with different glass. Following are four examples of 16″ diameter Colonial table lamps.

Tiffany 16″ diameter Colonial table lamp example 1

The example above was built with striated (streaked) glass. The color is flat and unattractive. I would rate it a 5 on a scale of 1-10.

Tiffany 16″ diameter Colonial table lamp example 2

Example 2 has dichroic (two-color) glass, which is one color unlit and another color lit. The unlit color is awful, a 3. Since I don’t have a photo of it lit, I have no way to determine how nice it might be, but it’s sure to be nicer.

Tiffany 16″ diameter Colonial table lamp example 3

Example 3 is less common, as it’s green. The glass is very nice, with extensive mottling. I would rate it a 9.

Tiffany 16″ diameter Colonial table lamp example 4

The example above has fiery rust and orange mottled glass. It’s a spectacular example that I would rate a 9.8.

If you’re in the market for a Tiffany lamp, check the glass. Sometimes a great example of the same lamp can sell for 2-3 times or more of the value of a lesser example. It isn’t the only criterion you should look at, but it’s certainly important. Buy what you can afford but always stretch for the better examples.

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