The results of the 2018 Original Miami Antique Show, February 9-12, 2018

Thursday’s post will be delayed until Monday to include the results of the the 31st National Arts & Crafts Conference this weekend.

My goal is to publish new posts twice a week — Mondays and Thursdays. However, if you don’t see a new post on Thursday, it’s because I was too busy, so please look for a new one the following Monday.

My lovely wife Lia is helping a client

We bought this fabulous Tiffany lamp at the show and sold it before the show was over

The 2018 Original Miami Antique show at the Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition Center is now history. Personally we did okay, certainly not great, selling mostly French cameo glass and Tiffany lamps and desk items. The pace was plodding, with a sale here and there. Most of the action took place each day before 4 PM, with very little after then.

Saturday afternoon in my booth

The coolest booth in the entire show, Eduardo Cohen, Buenos Aires, Argentina, displayed model airplanes and ships. Unfortunately I believe he had a poor show.

It’s a huge show that’s spread out over several buildings, with one whole building filled with just jewelry dealers. The other buildings were full of a very diverse group of antique dealers.

Monday was a total bust. I have no idea why show management insists on ending a show on Monday. Four-day shows should run Thursday –  Sunday. It put me in a foul mood, so I didn’t feel like asking other dealers how they did. Sorry. Blame the management.

The construction on the Washington Ave. (east) side of the Miami Beach Convention Center is ahead of the west side.

We’ve signed a contract for next year’s show at the renovated Miami Beach Convention Center. Got my fingers crossed that the construction proceeds smoothly so we can return to Miami Beach.

By the time you read this post we’ll be on our way to Asheville, NC, to exhibit at one of our favorite shows of the year, the 31st National Arts & Crafts Conference at the Grove Park Inn, this coming weekend, February 16 – 18. It’s a great show that I recommend you make the effort to attend.

I recently listed some of the new items on my website and will list more every week. Click Philip Chasen Antiques to take a look. I will make every effort to actively list new items as often as time permits. We’re still very much in business between shows, so please don’t hesitate to email or call. I always strive to offer the finest objects for sale on my website and at every show. There are many items for sale, sold items with prices and free lessons about glass and lamps. And remember to keep reading my blog.

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