The results of the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show, February 13-17, 2015

The blog schedule will be modified for a while because the Florida shows started and ended on unusual days. The next post will be this coming Friday, February 20th, from the floor of the Grove Park Inn Arts & Crafts Conference in Asheville.

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There was a decent opening crowd on Saturday morning

There was a decent opening crowd on Saturday morning

The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show ended yesterday after a 5-day run from February 13-17, 2015. Attendance was decent, but below the levels of some previous years, when it was difficult to walk down the crowded aisles. Sunday was the busiest day, but business was not in line with the number of inquiries. It was amazing how many times we heard “We’ll think about it.” or “We’ll see you later. (or tomorrow)”. We gave out so many business cards that we ran out. I’m sure there is a relationship between the business cards distributed and the show results. More cards = worse show. The real purpose of a business card should be to get in contact with a dealer. Too many people use them as a “polite” way of excusing themselves from making a decision. I would much rather deal with a no decision on the spot.

We sold this lovely Daum blownout scenic vase at the show

We sold this lovely Daum blownout scenic vase at the show

Personally our show was quite mediocre. French glass sold well again while English furniture (not mine) fared poorly. We answered so many questions from knowledgeable, bona fide clients that it could easily have gone better, but it wasn’t our turn this year. We did much better last year. Next year the show is getting longer and the booth rent is going up, so we’re on the fence as to whether we’ll return. We won’t make that decision yet.

I like to get comments from dealers I know, but amazingly I didn’t personally know many of the dealers at this show. Consequently I solicited only a few comments. Lloyd Macklowe, Macklowe Gallery, New York City, a dealer in Art Nouveau decorative arts and jewelry, told me “We had an excellent show. Well attended. We were very happy.” David Lowenherz, Lion Heart Autographs, New York City, a dealer in autographs, was pleased as well. “I did very well. Very good turnout. Very interested and curious customers in a super elegant setting.” Michael and Ewa Cohen, Cohen & Cohen, London, England, dealers in Chinese export porcelain and works of art, were not pleased. “It wasn’t a disaster, but it wasn’t great. We were disappointed. Last year we had the best show ever and this year we didn’t see those same clients. We’ll be back. It’s still a show with great potential.” Bill Rau, Rau Antiques, New Orleans, LA, dealer in high-end quality items, told me “We sold a couple of very nice paintings and a lot of objects and nice jewelry. Traffic was very good. There was a lot of strong competition. I was 6.5/10 pleased.” Two dealers refused comment.

grove-park-2-2015This week we’ll be in Asheville, NC, for the National Arts & Crafts Conference. It’s a beautiful show in an amazing 1910 historic hotel. The focus is Arts & Crafts, both antique and new. It’s a very pleasant show that we enjoy doing. Attendees fly in from all over the US.

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