Setting up at the Miami National Antique Show, January 22, 2015

Monday’s blog will be postponed until Tuesday so I can include the results of this show, which ends on Monday.

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We're just starting to set up our booth

We’re just starting to set up our booth

We started setting up the Miami National Antique Show yesterday, but a few of the dealers started on Wednesday. Even though the show is smaller, I was impressed by the quality of the remaining dealers, including top-notch dealers like Toulouse Antique Gallery and Valerio Antiques.

The free lunch was very good

The free lunch was very good

Kudos to the management for providing free lunch to the dealers. It’s nice to be appreciated. This was never done before at this show.

Toulouse Antique Gallery

Toulouse Antique Gallery

Dealers prowled the floor buying from each other. I was lucky to be able to find some very desirable items, which I’ll have for sale at the show.

Valerio Antiques

Valerio Antiques

The show opens to the public tomorrow, Saturday, at noon, and will stay open until Monday at 5 PM. If enough dealers do well, there will be another show next year. We’ve exhibited at this show for decades and would be sad if it were to fail. Do your part by visiting the show and consider making a purchase.

Tune in Tuesday for the results.

miami-beach-show-1-2015Next Friday, January 30th, the eagerly anticipated Original Miami Beach Antique Show will open to the public. After all these years, it’s still a big deal. Dealers and attendees from all over the world flock there to do business. I imagine the total value of the merchandise on display is at least $1 billion. At a 10% sell-through rate, that’s $100 million in sales — not a bad piece of change.

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