Unfortunately, there won’t be an important antiques show in downtown Chicago this spring

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The Chicago Merchandise Mart

The Chicago Merchandise Mart

You probably remember there was no antique show at the Merchandise Mart this past April. It all started when the Palm Beach Show Group couldn’t reach agreement with the Merchandise Mart and went off on their own to create a show at the Navy Pier. As a result, the Merchandise Mart couldn’t get enough exhibitors for their show and shut it down. With higher expenses for the dealers and lower sales at the Navy Pier, many of the show exhibitors balked and did not resign for another Navy Pier show. So the Merchandise Mart is reluctant to start another antique show and the Palm Beach Show Group doesn’t feel like gambling on a second Navy Pier show.

An aerial view of Chicago's Navy Pier

An aerial view of Chicago’s Navy Pier

Where does that leave the dealers and the public? Between a rock and a hard place. It feels like a bad case of Humpty Dumpty — all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again. Now everybody suffers. I know I feel it. Chicago is my best city. The fewer times I exhibit there, the lower my income — plain and simple. I’ve built up a great clientele there over many years and now there are very few opportunities to exhibit. There’s no more Arlington Racetrack, no more Rosemont summer show, and now no downtown show. UGH!!

I spoke to one promoter who is looking for a downtown facility to host a smaller show, but who knows if that will become a reality. In the meantime, I’ve got to rely on only two shows in the greater Chicago area — the fall show in Winnetka and the Chicago Botanic Gardens in the spring. It’s frustrating when I have no control.

miami-national-show-1-2015I’ll be spending the next month and a half looking for treasures to bring to Florida for our southern circuit. So far the buying has been great, so look for lots of new goodies. The Florida shows begin with the Miami National Antiques Show on January 24, 2015.

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