Setting up at the Chicago Summer Antiques Show, August 26, 2010

Set up went smoothly at the Chicago Summer Antiques Show. My booth was large enough that we weren’t stepping over each other.

The booth is almost all set up, August 26, 2010


The show is small, but good quality, with several high-end dealers. There’s a nice, diverse selection of furniture, paintings, silver, glass and lighting. Rosemary Krieger, the promoter of the show, is determined to restore the show to its former glory. She hopes that her advertising and other incentives, like free parking, will bring in the buyers. If the exhibitors do well, word will get around and more dealers will want to exhibit there the following year. It’s the beginning of an upward cycle. It’s not easy to accomplish, especially when the economic news is not ebullient. But I’m a firm supporter of the show and of Rosemary Krieger, so I’m wishing her the best.

Fabulous Kauba bronze 'How Kola' that I'm exhibiting for the first time

The show hours were changed to make it very favorable for both exhibitors and the public. The new hours are noon – 7 pm, Friday and Saturday, and noon – 5 pm on Sunday. That’s more than enough time for the public to shop and very fair to the dealers. Kudos to Rosemary and a request to other promoters to do the same. The public are the clients of the dealers and the dealers are the clients of the promoters. You hear that, promoters? Treat your dealers well, or you’ll lose them, and have nothing in the end.

A rare and beautiful Galle blownout water lily vase, on display in my booth at the show

Please take the time to visit the show and buy from your favorite dealers. Everyone wins. You go home with a beautiful purchase and the dealer goes home pleased with his sales. The show gets better the next year and everyone is happy.

On Monday or Tuesday, I’ll report on the results of the show. I’m cautiously optimistic.

I recently added over 10 Galle vases to my website, 7 Tiffany lamps, 1 Grueby vase, 1 Newcomb vase, Daum Nancy glass and a fabulous Burgun & Schverer internally decorated vase. This coming week, I’ll be adding many new items. Please take a look. Click on this link

Please send me your comments or questions about art glass, lamps, Louis Icart, shows, auctions, etc. If it’s interesting, I’ll answer you in a future blog.

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