More follow-up to the Original Miami Beach Antiques Show

Gilded Tiffany Studios 7-light lily table lamp

Gilded Tiffany Studios 7-light lily table lamp

I wrote my last blog entry this past Sunday morning about the preliminary results of the Original Miami Beach Antiques Show. Now that the show is over, I can report the final results. The show was close to a barnburner. Business continued strong on Sunday and Monday, with overall results in the top one-third of all the Miami Beach shows for the last 30 years. I also talked to many more dealers about their results and almost everyone agreed that business was very good. One dealer reported that he had a record show. Fortunately, very few dealers told me they did poorly, but there were a few.

What was even more encouraging was that business was spread out over many clients, including several new ones. That’s always important and gratifying. I feel lucky when I’ve done a lot of business with a few clients, but not with many clients. It’s a sign that business is good and getting better. No one category was especially strong, with interest spread out over many. That too is encouraging. I did notice moderately strong interest in Tiffany lily lamps.

The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show, February 13-16, 2010

The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show, February 13-16, 2010

I held off deciding on whether to exhibit at the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show until I could better gauge sentiment. After the Miami Beach show, I think it’s worth another try, so I’ll be there in a couple of weeks. I’ve always liked to exhibit there, but expenses are high, so it’s not a gamble I’m willing to take if business is weak. This time I’m optimistic. You’ll read my report in a couple of weeks and see if my optimism was warranted. In case you haven’t ever visited the show, it’s a good one. The exhibitors are high-end, with several of them exhibiting at very few shows. The overall quality is several notches higher than the Miami Beach show, with all of the objects vetted by experts. I’ll be bringing quite a few new items that I didn’t take to the Miami Beach show, so come and see me. You’ll surely enjoy the show.

I’m taking a lot of time to add new items to my website. I’ve already listed new items under Gallé glass (including a blownout vase), Daum Nancy glass and Tiffany Studios glass. Soon I’ll be adding many Tiffany Studios desk pieces. Please take a look, as every day I’m adding more. Click on this link

Please send me your suggestions or questions about art glass, lamps, Louis Icart, shows, auctions, etc. If it’s interesting, I’ll answer your question in a future blog entry.

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