The NYC Pier show is this weekend!

The NYC Pier Show, November 14-15

The NYC Pier Show, November 14-15

The NYC Pier Show is this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, November 14-15, 10 AM – 6 PM, both days. I always look forward to this show, because it has an old-fashioned combination that still works. The booth rent is reasonable enough for marginal exhibitors to still make a weekend’s wages. That permits dealers who sell vintage clothing or other fun inexpensive items to mix with dealers who sell very high end items. That eclectic mix gives the show a look that most other shows are missing.

Irene Stella came up with this winning formula years ago, when the show used only one pier. She expanded it to three piers because of the high demand from dealers to exhibit. It became known as The NYC Triple Pier Show and soon became a classic. Construction at the piers forced the show into the one larger pier, Pier 94, on the Hudson River at 56th St. Now the show has a “T” shape, with the higher end dealers to the left, the middle level dealers to the right and the “fun” dealers mostly straight ahead. It’s one of the few shows left that still has star power. There’s always a big line of patrons on Saturday morning before the show opens. They come charging in at precisely 10 AM, and the show gets off to a quick start. New Yorkers are enthusiastic, competitive and quick to make decisions, so frequently the action happens right away. Once sales start and items are marked sold, decisions get made even faster, to avoid disappointments.

If you’ve never come to the show, you should. It’s a real treat to see all the great items on display and also the characters who shop the show. Sometimes they’re more interesting that the items in the show.

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