Tiffany Studios numbering explained

A typical Tiffany Studios numbered signature

A typical Tiffany Studios numbered signature

Tiffany Studios numbered their vases. Each number is a unique registry number that corresponds to that vase only. The earliest vases from 1892-3 had numbers and no letters.  In 1894, the  prefix A was introduced with the first vase being A1. Each subsequent vase received the next consecutive number until A9999 was reached and then the next letter, B, was used. When the entire alphabet was completed, the prefix letter was changed to a suffix letter, so the next number after Z9999 would be 1A, followed by 2A, etc. After 9999A, the next number would be 1B, until the entire alphabet would be used up.

Tiffany vases can be dated according to a chart in the Robert Koch book, Louis C. Tiffany’s Glass Bronzes Lamps, on page 56. Prefix A corresponds to 1894, suffix A to 1906, etc.

A typical Tiffany Studios unnumbered signature

A typical Tiffany Studios unnumbered signature

Items without numbers were generally utilitarian items like bowls or glasses that came in sets. These were part of general production and usually unnumbered. The signatures might be “L.C.T.” or “L.C.T. Favrile” or “L.C.Tiffany Favrile” or some other variation.

A typical Tiffany Studios signature with a shape number

A typical Tiffany Studios signature with a shape number

Later items, especially pastel ones, have numbers that do not include a letter. These are shape numbers, not registry numbers. For example, 1881 is a trumpet vase and is repeated on all trumpet vases of the same size and shape. (Credit Gordon (Hank) Hancock for this information. Hank is writing a book on Tiffany pastel glass that will be very useful.)

A typical Tiffany Studios late production compound number signature

A typical Tiffany Studios late production compound number signature

Compound signatures include the shape number first and then the serial number. This system was developed late into Tiffany production, so it will not be found on earlier vases. The example pictured shows that the vase is shape 1525, with serial number 9008M. To the best of my knowledge, this has never been explained before in writing.

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  1. Really enjoyed your blog. I’ve been in the business since 1970, not at the level you’ve enjoyed but it still has been a blast. Still going strong.

  2. By chance, can you share with me what year would be represented by “T” – we have recently been offered a quite beautiful lustre-ornamented and sgraffito-decorated glass bowl with the markings of: “LCT/favrile/393 T”

    We shall appreciate your feedback.


    Jim Abbott
    Director and Curator
    Evergreen Museum & Library

  3. hi, i am interested in any old type of art glass, and have a fair amount of knowledge about steuben. i recently picked up a bowl, not iridescent, that had a block letter, acid etched signature. it reads CYPRIOTE and underneath that 1524 N. the bowl is not heavy like a piece of newer steuben crystal, but is not thin like some older italian glass, it does show some age and has a very well defined and polished pontil. the bowl has a blend of colors, kind of swirled not like typical end of day glass. hope you can reply to this and shed some light on this mystery. thanks, chuck and regine

  4. Hello, I have a small vase marked L.C.T. 113 and with an 0 with 2 cross lines within the 0. Any info on this please? Thank you

  5. Bob, my fee for appraisals is $125 for the first item and $75 for each additional. Best. Philip

  6. Hello Phil,

    I have a tall Tiffany compote which was broken into pieces. I was wondering, is it possible to sell this piece to someone so they can salvaged it (melt it) into a stained-glass window for an “original” repair? Just wondering…


  7. Unfortunately, no. The only value might be to someone who could take the pieces and make jewelry. Basically it’s a total loss.

  8. Hi!
    I have a 1292 LCT shot glass that has small pig tail swirls on it with a shimmer blue inside and a blend of purples, blues, pinks and gold on the outside. Any ideas on what it is worth? I have been looking through Lavrile and can’t find anything like it. Thanks!

  9. Good afternoon Philip,
    I have been trying to research a particular art glass vase with the following description and inscription: 8475H L.C. Tiffany Favrille. A 10″ tall “bud vase” gold top with green tulip shape marking at the base. We bought this from a reputable dealer and are interested in getting more detail as to actual age/date and background. Wondered if you could help or direct us. Many thanks, Paul

  10. Paul, my fee is $125 for appraisals/authentications. Let me know if you wish to continue. Best. Philip

  11. Hello…I have a small bud vase with LCT mark. I am interested in an opinion or even an appraisal of this item. How do I go about consulting with you? I have seen post regarding your fee but no instruction beyond that. Thank you greatly.

  12. I am an 83 year old who’s passion is glass. I have a small about 12 inches blue irradiance vase that has an incised mark on the bottom that looks like tongues of flames or snakes. In all of my years I have not seen this mark before. Do you have any suggestions of what it might be?
    Thank You,
    Norma Scott

  13. Sorry, Norma, but I’m not familiar with a mark of tongues or flames. Good luck in your research. Best. Philip

  14. Hi Phil.

    I’ve got two Favrile items: a vase that’s signed “A63 L.C.T” (which thanks to you i know comes from 1894) and a blue dish signed “1704 L.C.T. Favrile”. I am a bit confused about this. According to the number with no prefix or suffix, it should be from 1892-1893, but I’ve always thought the “Favrile” word in the signatures was added later. What can you tell me about it?

    Thanks for your great blog!!!


  15. Alex. Items after 1919 got a 4-digit shape number. 1704 is the shape number and your dish is post 1919.

  16. Hi Phil,
    I have a gold colored vase with a matching insert to hold flowers that is signed “1848 (shape number??) L.C. Tiffany – Favrile”. There are also 5 characters etched into the bottom center looks like NNVVT. I have 5 questions. What is 1848’s official shape name? Does the insert have a name? what are the 5 characters for? do you have details on the different types of favrile glass?and, what year was the vase made. I know it was after 1919. Thank you,

  17. Sorry, Eileen, but I can’t answer your questions. Good luck in your research.

  18. I have a small vase with the original paper label. The label says, registered tiffany favrile glass trademark in a circle around letters tgdco. It is a light golden iridescent color. The vase is marked LCT d2589. What year does the “d” stand for? Thank you for your time.

  19. According to the date chart in Louis C. Tiffany’s Glass, Bronzes, Lamps by Robert Koch, prefix “D” stands for 1895 as the year of manufacture.

  20. I have a tiffany signed favrile vase number 8656 J , it is 8″ tall, and etched with what it looks like flowered drapes. I can’t find any info on this vase can you help me.

  21. Yes, I can help. My fee for appraisals/authentications is $125. Let me know if you wish to proceed.

  22. I have seen at least 3 or 4 Tiffany Favrile glass with #1401. I thought those numbers are unique…? Is 1401 a model number instead?
    Any information you can provide to me will be greatly appreciated.

  23. Hi,

    I am trying to research a LCT art glass that we inherited years ago. It is a 8 3/4″ green compote. The # on the bottom is 813T & inscribed LCT Favrile. I wonder if you can help or direct us.

    Thank You

  24. I have a square metal what I would call a fruit dish. It says:
    Tiffany & Co.

    I have no idea where to start on this. Any suggestions.

  25. Tiffany & Co. is not Tiffany Studios. You would have to research Tiffany & Co.

  26. I have two small vases marked 1028-3556M & 1028-3557M. They are approximately 4.25 inches tall and are blue ir. they are both signed LCT Favrile. Are they real Tiffany product & what are the numbers all about?

  27. Suffix L is probably from the late 1890s. I can’t tell you what 1108 is.

  28. 1028 is the shape number for late Tiffany Studios vases made in the 1920s.

  29. My tiffany vase is marked on the bottom…1133-7716 M. L.C. Tiffany Inc. Favrile. Interesting colors in a Kelly green, Purple, Golds and Blue all colors melt together . When was it made?….John Bryden

  30. Mr. Chasen – have you ever seen or heard of blackish, purplish, snakeskin looking finish nippled slightly iridescent vase marked with indented, fancy ‘T’ below numbers 20713 with green seemingly smeared here and there over dark finished vase….very silky feel? I collect Tiffany and Loetz and usually know my glass. The interior is like the outer finish I/3rd down – then whitish glass, as is the bottom. It is about 8 inches high and 6 inches across base. This vase was from an estate with very large Loetz light green crete rusticana vase also for sale. I don’t care about value that much – just if
    you have ever heard of this kind of signature with a single ‘T” and numbers possibly being done by Tiffany? The shape is appropriate – but it’s probably not his work. If you can respond generally – it would be very much appreciated. If not – I understand. I bought both for my sons and wondered if Tiffany ever signed with just a T? Thank you for your time and wonderfully informative information.

  31. Great article Philip! I have always been lead to believe that pieces marked with the letter “X” were experimental pieces. Is this correct, or was the letter “X” used as all other letters (A-Z) and I just overlooked this information in your article?

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