Setting up at the Pasadena Antiques Show

Setup at the Pasadena Antiques Show

Setup at the Pasadena Antiques Show, August 5, 2009

The Pasadena Convention Center has been undergoing near total reconstruction for the last couple of years. The last two times I exhibited there in August, it was in a temporary tent on the grounds of the center. You know the kind of white bubble you see for indoor tennis courts? Well that’s what we were in. Major construction was going on all around us.

I’m happy to say that the construction is over and the new facilities are quite an improvement. The exhibition hall is very modern with all the amenities one would expect of a new facility.

We spent the day setting up, with one more day tomorrow to finish.  Walking around the show, I can report that it’s small to moderate in size, with several new high-quality dealers who did not exhibit a couple of weeks ago in Redondo Beach.  Overall the quality of the show is very good.

It’s interesting doing shows on the West Coast and comparing them to East Coast shows.  Most noticeable is the pace of setting up — it is veerry slooww.  California dealers arrive when they feel like and that’s not usually early in the morning.  Many take only the second day to set up and don’t bother with the first day.  Ultimately it all gets done and the shows always look nice by the time the doors open to the public.

In the east, the pace is much faster and the dealers are much more intense.  Competition is much greater. Decisions get made quicker.  There’s much more action and electricity.  I like it, but I can see how some people would object.

I’ve got a good feeling about the show and the business in general.  Everything seems to be almost returning to normal  — and that means no fear.   I’ll be posting on Monday about the results.

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