A review of some recent sales

The market in all things by Tiffany Studios continues to be strong. Following is a review of three Tiffany Studios items I’ve recently sold.

Recently I was able to buy a few Tiffany Studios table lamps at auction due to hard work and good luck. Tiffany lamps are difficult to photograph well, so sometimes a lamp that doesn’t look good in photos may look better in person. (I’ve also seen the opposite where photos make a lamp look better than it really is.) I drove all day to visit an auction because in person I can authenticate a lamp and examine it closely for repairs, patina, color, condition, etc. Most of the time a condition report from the “experts” at the auction are insufficient for me. Two lamps at this auction looked better in person, so I set my sights on them and got lucky. I was able to buy them at reasonable prices and make a profit. After they pass through my hands, I give a permanent guarantee of condition and authenticity that you do not get when you buy at auction. That alone should make you want to buy from a reputable dealer.

Tiffany Studios 20″ diameter Belted Dogwood table lamp

I just sold this lovely 20″ diameter Belted Dogwood table lamp. Sotheby’s recently sold a similar lamp, with much worse color in the shade, for $52,920. Mine had beautiful pink blossoms and was a bargain in comparison.

Tiffany Studios 16″ diameter white Tulip table lamp

The Tiffany Studios 16″ diameter Tulip table lamp pictured above looked like a dog in the photos from the auction house. What a difference in person! The white tulips were beautiful and different from each other, including some mottled ones. They contrasted splendidly against a background with lots of fracture (confetti) glass. You couldn’t tell from the photos, but the lamp was a beauty!

Tiffany Favrile green decorated vase

I loved the killer Tiffany Favrile green decorated vase pictured above. It had so much going for it, including strong green coloration and a gold iridescent zipper pattern on a raised, 3-dimensional beehive pattern. It was gorgeous and will now look great in the collector’s cabinet. We shipped it a couple of weeks ago.

Let me know what interests you, even if you don’t see it on my website. I’ve got lots of items that I haven’t listed yet and I know how to locate what you desire.

I listed some of the new items on my website and will list more every week. Click Philip Chasen Antiques to take a look. I will make every effort to actively list new items as often as time permits. I always strive to offer the finest objects for sale on my website and at every show. There are many items for sale, sold items with prices and free lessons about glass and lamps. And remember to keep reading my blog.

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