The Baltimore Antique, Art & Jewelry Show is postponed until October, 2022

The pandemic has done a job on antique shows. All shows were canceled starting in March, 2020. They’re starting to come back very slowly with our first show in a year and a half scheduled for Winnetka, IL, November 5-7, 2021.

The Baltimore Summer Antiques Show is held in the Baltimore Convention Center

The Baltimore Antique, Art & Jewelry Show, originally scheduled for August, 2020 was rescheduled to August, 2021 and then to November, 2021. Now the 2021 show has been canceled and rescheduled to October 20-23, 2022. That means the Baltimore Summer Antiques show is no longer a summer show, but rather a fall show. That will be interesting, and I think an improvement.

Our booth at the last Baltimore show in 2019
Click here for the full announcement.

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