What’s new at Philip Chasen Antiques?

Business has been really good except for the usual slowdown in December. I suppose what I sell is a bit too expensive for Christmas gifts. But it’s January of a new and hopefully better year, so let’s get the party started.

Here are a few of the new items I have for sale.

Gallé blownout Water Lily vase

Gallé produced many models of blownout vases after WWI, some more interesting than others. The Water Lily model is one of the best – the flower is so showy and beautiful. It comes in a variety of colors. This example has exquisite white flowers with green and brown leaves on a sky blue background. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Tiffany 16″ diameter Crocus table lamp

Tiffany lamps have been flying off the shelves. I just got this gorgeous 16″ diameter Crocus lamp with very special mottled glass. It’s dash-numbered 9, indicating it was part of a limited run of lamps, usually 10 or fewer, where the glass was carefully chosen. It’s a superb lamp with a ribbed library base and a fabulous original patina.

Austrian coupe of Diana the Huntress and her dogs

I just got this amazing Austrian coupe of Diana the Huntress holding her dogs on a leash. It’s agate with a chiseled vermeil frame and circular guilloche base with enameled patterns of oak leaves and acorns. The two handles are paved with peridots, each surmounted by a dog whose body is covered with small rubies. The rim of the cup is decorated with water pearls and a leaf, circa 1900. Amazingly it has its original fitted box. It’s petite, but special.

One thought on “What’s new at Philip Chasen Antiques?

  1. Diana the Huntress and her dogs is a special work of art. I like it due to the same reason i like later surrealism work, although this coupe might be closer to Jugendstil or art nouveau. Beautiful. Combining corundum (ruby) with pearls that way, is truely poetry.

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