The 1904 Tiffany Room of Marshall Fields, Chicago

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The 1904 Tiffany Room at Marshall Fields, Chicago. Photo courtesy of Paul Doros.

Marshall Fields in Chicago was a very high end department store at the beginning of the 20th century. One department had the Tiffany Room, complete with items directly from Tiffany Studios in New York. One of my daydreams is to time travel back to visit. How exciting would that be?

Take a close look at the photo, first at the table on the left. You have to use your imagination for the colors, but some details are discernable. Take the tallest flowerform vase in the right corner of the table. It has a decorated foot with radial stripes. That’s a real rarity and is sometimes seen with a strong green color. It has to be a knockout in person. The entire table is filled with magnificent flowerform vases.

Can’t tell for sure, but the wall cabinet on the right seems to have simpler items, like all gold Favrile vases. The table in the back also seems to have some simpler, lower-priced items. I do love the mirror on the right. I can’t tell for sure which model it is, but I’ve had several mirrors over the years and they’re all wonderful.

Tiffany Studios Flowers, Fish and Fruit window, Baltimore Museum of Art. Photo courtesy of Paul Doros.

The leaded glass windows are very nice, but the one in the upper right center is special. It appears to be Flowers, Fish and Fruit, which is now on permanent exhibition at the Baltimore Museum of Art. When you visit the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show you could also visit the museum. The show is now scheduled for November, but I don’t think it will happen this year. Let’s hope the show is held in August, 2021, so you can visit both.

Thanks to Paul Doros for permission to use the photos.

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