My thoughts on the coronavirus outbreak

It’s amazing how fast the world has changed in a few months. There was no way I could have predicted a pandemic. It was totally off my radar screen. I made lots of plans, but now it seems I have to change them all.

The coronavirus is bad and getting worse. There are a few hundred confirmed cases in the United States, but that means there are thousands more because many people have not been tested. Young people may have the virus with slight or no symptoms and unknowingly spread it to others. Older people are the most vulnerable.

The situation is bad in many parts of the world. All of northern Italy is on lockdown. In Iran, some top leaders have already died of the virus, including a close aide to Khamenei, the Supreme Leader. I think there is no way to stop the spread of the virus in the United States. The Surgeon General said we’ve gone beyond containment to the next phase, mitigation. We have to hope that scientists will find effective treatments for now and hope that a vaccine comes sooner than later.

So what will happen to organized events, like antique shows? Many important events have already been canceled, like SXSW in Austin, TX. There’s talk of no spectators at the Summer Olympics in Japan. It’s up to the show promoters to decide, but I suggest they err on the side of caution. Even if the events are held, it’s likely there will be far fewer exhibitors and attendees.

Got my fingers crossed that the problem can be resolved quickly. I wish you all well.

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