Seeing nature in Chile as inspiration for Art Nouveau

We are just finishing our trip to Argentina and Chile. Everywhere we went, I was reminded of the role of nature in the works of American and French companies from the Art Nouveau period.

Copihue is the national flower of Chile
Tiffany Studios Favrile glass lily shade

Lapageria rosea, known locally as Chilean bellflower or Copihue, is the national flower of Chile. We found this exceptionally beautiful flower on a walk through a nature reserve near Pucón, Chile. My first thought was that it’s the same size and shape as a Tiffany Studios lily shade, even more so than real lily flowers.

A rocky river near Pucón, Chile
Handel Rocky River lamp

The same day we came across a beautiful rocky river, which immediately reminded me of one of Handel’s most beautiful lamps.

Small wonder that I love Art Nouveau.

The sun was setting over the Volcán (Volcano) Osorno near Puerto Varas, Chile

BTW, if you’re wondering where to go for your next adventure, I suggest the Patagonia region of Argentina and the lake and volcanoes area of Chile. You can drive from one to the other in a few hours. Great food and hotels are dirt cheap on the Argentine side and a little more expensive on the Chilean side, but still quite reasonable. You’ll thank me!

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