What’s new at Philip Chasen Antiques?

We haven’t exhibited at a show since early November, when we were in Winnetka for the Antiques + Modernism Winnetka show. That’s given us plenty of time to search high and low for some truly great items to bring to our upcoming two shows in Miami, FL and one show in Asheville, NC. Following is a preview of several items, all of which are for sale.

Rare and desirable Daum Swan vase

Good Daum Nancy glass is difficult to find, but I’ve been able to buy 15-20 of the finest Daum Nancy vases and lamps available. The large Swan example above is just one of the outstanding examples.

Tiffany Favrile Nasturtium cameo glass vase

Tiffany Studios glass and lamps is another area where I’ve made a concerted effort to find the best available. I’ve been quite successful. The Nasturtium cameo glass vase above is wheel-carved and internally decorated. It’s a museum-quality, exceptional example.

24″ tall Daum Nancy floral table lamp

I bought the Daum Nancy table lamp pictured above from the son of an 83-year-old woman who asked him to sell it for her. His grandmother received the lamp as a wedding gift in February, 1929 in Sarre Union, France. Is that great provenance, or what? It’s a wonderful, colorful, big (24″ tall) lamp.

Tiffany Studios Pine Needle double card box

I bought several Tiffany Studios desk sets in both Pine Needle and Grapevine, so I have many different items for sale. There was a time a few months ago where I sold out of Pine Needle and had very few Grapevine items left.

The few items mentioned here are just a taste of all the new merchandise I have for sale. Email or call if there’s something you like or something you’re looking for.

No shows until October 20, 2022, when we’ll exhibit at the Baltimore Art, Antique & Jewelry Show. Two weeks later we’ll exhibit at the Antiques + Modernism Show in Winnetka, IL, starting on November 4, 2022.

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