A Thomas Webb & Sons English cameo covered jar led the way at Hindman’s 20th Century Decorative Arts sale, May 1, 2015

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Leslie Hindman Auctioneers held a 20th Century Decorative Arts sale on May 1, 2015. The offerings weren’t strong, but mixed in were some special items. As expected, they did well.

Superb Thomas Webb & Sons cameo jar, Hindman's lot #25

Superb Thomas Webb & Sons cameo jar, Hindman’s lot #25

Leading the way was a huge, 11½” tall, English cameo covered jar by Thomas Webb & Sons, with elaborate and exquisite carving. Mike Intihar, Hindman’s Senior Specialist, expected it to sell at or slightly above the high estimate of $50,000, but it performed much better. High quality items that are fresh to the market are a good bet to do well and this jar did not disappoint. It had not been for sale to the public since it was sold by Leo Kaplan Ltd. in New York in 1986. The public liked what it saw and bid it to $158,500, including buyer’s premium — a stupendous result almost three times what it was expected to fetch.

Tiffany Studios Empire Jewel table lamp, Hindman lot #144

Tiffany Studios Empire Jewel table lamp, Hindman lot #144

A rare, but unattractive (to my eyes), Tiffany Studios Empire Jewel table lamp sold for the low estimate of $40,000, ($50,000 with buyer’s premium). It was very elaborate, with opalescent jewels and hundreds of tiny pieces of glass. Technically it was marvelous, but drab in person, especially the puce/gray/purple background. On the other hand it was authentic, large (22″ diameter), rare, yada yada yada. Attractive it wasn’t. Had the bidders asked me, I would have told them to save their money, but they never did. Whaaat??? (Said aloud, with emphasis.)

Fake Daum vase, Hindman lot #15

Fake Daum vase, Hindman lot #15

Surprisingly a couple of reproduction Daum vases, lots 14 and 15, slipped into the sale. The public knew better so neither vase sold.

For the complete results of the sale, click here.

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