Do yourself a favor and visit the Tiffany Studios collection of the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art in Winter Park, Florida

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That's me sitting in the rebuilt Daffodil Terrace

We were quite busy in Florida with four shows, but luckily we had a week off after the third show. On one of those days, we visited the Morse Museum in Winter Park, Florida. It had been about ten years since we last visited, and I just couldn’t believe how much I had forgotten. For me it was the highlight of our week off. Not only were there fantastic items on display, but the museum completed construction of a new wing that houses the reconstruction of the original Daffodil Terrace from Louis Comfort Tiffany’s Long Island estate, Laurelton Hall.

An incredible padded and wheel-carved Tiffany Favrile floral vase

Two rare Tiffany Favrile Aquamarine vases

Knock-your-socks-off Tiffany Favrile Lava and windowpane vases

There is an astonishing selection of very rare and very beautiful Tiffany Favrile vases in the museum that ranges from padded and wheel-carved to Lava to Aquamarine to red decorated to window vases. They’re breathtaking!

These incredible fruit doors led outside to the gardens of a Long Island mansion

The glass in this Tiffany Studios window is even more gorgeous in person

Then there are some truly exceptional windows and doors that will take your breath away.

You won't have any doubts about Tiffany's ability as an artist after you see this painting in person

Some remarkable examples of Tiffany Favrile enamel on copper vases

One of the rarest of all Tiffany Studios lamps -- Spider in the web, with mosaic base

I can’t show you every item in the museum, but use these photos to get a taste of what’s in store for you if you make the trip. The museum is located in a very upscale section of Winter Park. Take your time and eat a block away in an outdoor cafe and enjoy the town too. Winter Park is a suburb of Orlando, so it’s just a hop and a skip from all the big amusement parks. You’ll thank me.

Our next show is the Pier Show in New York City on the weekend of March 17th and 18th. It’s always fun, so start planning your trip to the Big Apple!

In the meantime, we’re still in business, so don’t be bashful. Call or write!

Very fine Daum blownout scenic vase with wheel-carved detail

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