Variations in Tiffany Studios Favrile lily lamps and shades

Tiffany Favrile lily shade with wavy rim

Tiffany Favrile lily shade with wavy rim

Tiffany Favrile lily shade with ruffled rim

Tiffany Favrile lily shade with ruffled rim

Tiffany Studios produced lily lamps in many sizes from 3-light to 18-light, as well as custom-order. Over the course of decades, the models were tweaked with subtle improvements, like thicker tubing, bronze leaf switches, better patina, etc. Early on, Tiffany spent little time matching shades, as can be seen in period photographs in books like Tiffany at Auction by Alistair Duncan. Later examples have better matched shades, which today’s collectors prefer.

Tiffany Favrile lily shade with straight rim

Tiffany Favrile lily shade with straight rim

Tiffany Favrile lily shade (damaged) with 10-point rim

Tiffany Favrile lily shade (damaged) with 10-point rim

Most Tiffany lily lamps have gold iridescent shades, but the shapes vary. For the most part, they fall into four categories — straight, 10-point, wavy and ruffled.

Many of you may recall Minna Rosenblatt, a NYC dealer who had a shop on Madison Ave. For many years, she specialized in the works of Tiffany Studios, especially lamps.

Looking into the mouth of a Tiffany Favrile 10-point lily shade

Looking into the mouth of a Tiffany Favrile 10-point lily shade

She was a master salesperson, who could sell ice in the winter. She was the first person who I heard use the term “10-point” to describe a lily shape. The 10 points can easily be seen by looking into the mouth of the shade.

No need to look into the mouths of the other shapes to verify their shapes — they’re easy to tell. Besides the shape, other variations include color, iridescence, ribbing and size.

Occasionally I’m asked to find a replacement lily shade for a missing or damaged one. When matching them, I look first to the shape, then to the color, and then to the other characteristics. There are no perfect matches, only good ones. In today’s market, an individual lily shade is likely to cost $3-4,000. As most dealers are unwilling to sell individual lily shades, it’s best to buy good quality, complete lamps.

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25 thoughts on “Variations in Tiffany Studios Favrile lily lamps and shades

  1. Phil, good topic today. Very informative. There is always something new to learn about Tiffany. Keep up the good work. Marc Bell

  2. I am interested in purchasing two to four 10 point tiffany lily lamp shades. Do you have them available. If so, what would the price be. One or more damaged shade like the one pictured might be acceptable.
    thank you.

  3. Occasionally I have some Tiffany lily shades for sale individually. The price is approximately $3,000 per shade.

  4. I recently purchase a lamp that was supposedly antique with a “Tiffany lily” shade. What concerns me is the cord has a push button so I’m not sure if this is a knock off or someone bought a shade thinking it was Tiffany and isn’t. I am a reseller and will not advertise something that isn’t authentic. It is a 1 lily bedside lamp. It is old, just not sure if it is authentic.

  5. I have two unusual shades in a lovely iridescent blue over what looks like amber or bronze glass. When unlit, the glass is royal to peacock blue with hints of purple. When lit, the true color of the core glass (amber) shows through where the light is most intense, although the outermost end of the trumpet (its ruffle) remains the orginal colors. Could this be the Tiffany Aqua Marine glass described in books as “the color of deep water with bronze lights in it”? I cannot find any signature on it and the lamp appears to be newer, but because I bought it at the estate sale of of a high end glass collector who had many pieces of very old and lovely art nouveau glass, I consider it possible that the shades began their lives on a different lamp. The lilies are shaped exactly as the lily shade in the center of your banner. They have distinct ridges, they have the ruffle, and the ruffle twists just as that shade does. I cannot find anywhere on the internet a similar shade. Have you seen shades like mine anywhere?

  6. Tiffany Studios did not make lily shades in blue. All blue lily shades are reproductions. If you want to be 100% sure, I can do an appraisal/authentication for you. My fee is $125.

  7. Very interesting information on the various lily shades Tiffany made. If you get $3000 for a replacement shade, how much would you charge for a complete three light lily lamp?

  8. You can buy a complete Tiffany 3-light lily lamp for $8,500-$9,500. Basically you get the base for free. I have one for sale, so let me know.

  9. i have a 3 lily table lamp, that has makers marks of: an angel, initials RaP and the number 046 any information is grreatly appreciated

  10. Tiffany Studios never used such marks. I have no idea what you have. Best of luck with it. Philip

  11. Where would the signature be on a 10 lily pond light. Ours has a green felt bottom.
    Would it be signed on any other part of the lamp.
    Thanks so much for your time and expert opinion.

  12. If the lamp is authentic, it will be signed on the underside of the base and each shade will be signed on the fitter rim.

  13. First remove the light bulb. Hold the metal fitter in one hand and the shade in the other. Wiggle the shade and pull gently to moderately. The shade should just pop out, because it’s only held in by the pressure of the fitter. If you hear or feel any grinding or scratching, stop! You’ll damage the shade. If this doesn’t work easily, you’ll have to bring it to someone with more experience.

  14. Have you ever seen a blue favrile lily shade? I have an authentic 3 shade lily lamp and it came with these shades. Same measurements and 10 point ribbing on inside. no signatures though. Thank you

  15. It’s more like marigold inside with blue hues on the outside. I guess it wouldn’t really be blue favrile.

  16. Can’t tell any more from your description. If you need to know for sure, my fee for appraisals/authentications is $125. Best. Philip

  17. I just purchased a 12 light Tiffany Lily Lamp. It did not come with bulbs and I am wondering what type and wattage bulbs I should use. I don’t want the get bulbs that are too high of a wattage and risk cracking the shade due to heat.
    Thanks much,

  18. We are looking for the waive gold lamp shades.. wondering if you have any of those for sale?

  19. My son and his wife recently moved into a house dated 1920. I believe there is an 18 light Lilly Favrille Chandelier hanging in the dining room. Where would we look for markings to see if it is an original?

  20. Tiffany lily chandeliers will not have any markings on the metal. Only the shades will be signed.

  21. I have inherited an 18 light Lily with its original wiring. The lamp is dirty and the wiring scary to use as it is very worn; the original plug goes into various later adapters, but nothing more recent than about the 1950s! Does re-wiring lessen the value? Can you recommend a restorer in the UK?

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