No more room to collect? Christie’s has the solution.

62 Imlay Street in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn

62 Imlay Street in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn

I’ve often met collectors who told me they no longer have any room for new purchases. Well if you’re from the greater New York area, you no longer have an excuse. Christie’s New York has signed a lease on a huge 235,000 sq. ft. warehouse and you can rent space there. It will be in the up-and-coming Red Hook section of Brooklyn, which already boasts major IKEA and Fairway Market stores.

The building is a mess at the moment, but after Christie’s gets finished with it, it will be a state-of-the-art, high security, climate-controlled, storage facility. It will be equipped with infrared video cameras, biometric readers, and detectors for motion, smoke, heat and water. Nice, since it’s likely that the value of the art stored there will exceed the value of the building.

Christie’s already has offered this service in London for many years. Now New York has been added, with additional plans for the same service in Singapore.

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